Good for the Ground – Packaging

All our dried products are packaged in an exciting new biodegradable packaging called Biophan. This product is marketed under the trade name Good for the Ground.

What am I?
Biophan is a non-toxic Polylactic acid (PLA) film, which is a new, environmentally friendly thermoplastic polymer. I am NOT a petroleum-based polymer.

What am I made from?
Biophan is made from starch, which is derived from corn, sugar can, straw or wood – all annually renewable primary products. Unlike conventional packaging film, Biophan is not made from petroleum, a finite fossil fuel.

Why am I good for the environment?

  • I use 30-50% less fossil fuel to be produced.
  • I use renewable starch ingredients.
  • I am biodegradable & compostable.
  • I am firm, can ‘breath’, and can be used to package many thing from bread to cheese.

How to compost me!
I take 45 days to fully decompose under controlled composting conditions of 58C°.
Once degraded I turn into carbon dioxide and water.
PLA degrades twice as fast as newspaper and three times as fast as regenerated cellulose film and wood

How to use me?
Biophan’s unique properties, e.g. transparency and surface gloss, make it a genuine alternative for attractively packaging fresh produce.
Biophan’s water permeability, for example, keeps bread and pastries nice and crisp. What makes Biophan particularly attractive for food retailers is that this biodegradable packaging film can extend the shelf life of fresh produce by up to several days.
I have a good dead fold and twistability.
I can be used to keep things fresh at home, or sealed to keep produce fresh for market.
I am also usable in a freezer.